M2eclipse updating maven dependencies

The build requires that the version numbers of each single Maven artifacts and it’s Eclipse plug-ins are in sync.Sometimes (this is rare these days) developers forget to update the Maven version numbers.If you test bundle requires for example Java 8, you must start the build process via a Java 8 JVM.in your project which contains the JAR file for your plug-in.This can be defined via a p2 repository or via a target platform definition. If you specify a p2 update site as target, the whole content of all defined p2 repositories becomes part of the target platform.If a target definition is used in the project for development, the build should also use this instead of using a whole repository.In this case the build complains about a version mismatch.Run the following command to correct existing inconsistencies.

SUCCESS [ 0.002 s] [INFO] com.vogella.tycho.plugin1 ..........................

Tycho will select a version from the p2 update site, if several versions are available one of them is picked. The runtime behavior of the Maven Tycho Surefire plug-in is a little different to the Maven Surefire plug-in.

Tycho Surefire tests run in the integration-test phase while regular Maven Surefire tests run in the test phase.

Tycho supports the build process of Eclipse plug-ins, OSGi bundles, Eclipse features and update sites (based on p2) and products.

Combined with a continuous integration server, e.g., a Jenkins instance, Tycho allows a continuous integration build.

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