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Lisa Ray Mc Coy most likely has a serious boyfried, but she swears she doesn't have a fiance.

Rumors went around about her getting engaged to megachurch pastor Noel Jones in November 2011, but looks like the buzz was all unfounded.

In your new film , both Leyla and Tala had to choose between being true to themselves and being a part of their conservative families. I certainly have had to make some hard choices and decisions.

And I think for me, what I draw from Leyla, it’s just about trying to live your truest life.

Can a lesbian romantic comedy, take on those bigger issues and still be lighthearted?I’ve done so many love scenes with guys, that, it honestly just didn’t even occur to me.I just thought what a beautiful love story, this just happens to be a woman, and it’s equally as telling. So was it a challenge for you to play a lesbian just starting to come out? When I thought about Leyla and when I was working on her I thought, okay, I’m playing a woman that is trying to be herself in the fullest truest way, and I can relate to that.She did shows in churches and high schools in her native Chicago.In addition to acting, Mc Coy has also appeared in dozens of music videos, including "Know Filter 2" by Shleah, Tugoa, T.

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She also appeared in The Wood, opposite Omar Epps, Rhapsody, All About You, and Go for Broke.

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