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He said on Google , "Ignore scams like Domain name search engine registration, which nobody needs -- your site shows up in search just fine without it."John then went on to share a recent notification he received from on domain name registry company.Here is the copy of the notice he received: Attention: Important Notice , DOMAIN SERVICE NOTICE Domain Name: ATT: Moniker Privacy REGISTRANT CONTACT: 1...#reconsideration Q: How long does it take Google to review my reconsideration request?A: Please allow several weeks for the reconsideration process.

Note that, although these reports are more comprehensive than a link: query, they may not include 100% of all links that you know about.

John Mueller of Google posted yesterday on Google that Domain name search engine registration is purely a scam.

Most of you know this but to have someone from Google in the search team post about this is a good thing.

Webmaster Central Office Hours #contact-google Q: How can I contact someone at Google about my site's performance? Googlers regularly read the forum, investigate the issues that you report, and—to the extent possible—reply to posts. We have other options on our Additional support page for specific issues such as reporting spam or requesting a malware review. We haven't updated the Page Rank displayed in Google Toolbar in well over a year.

#pagerank Q: My site's Page Rank has gone up / gone down / not changed in months! Toolbar Page Rank is an easy metric to focus on, but just because it's easy doesn't mean it's useful for you as a site owner.

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