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Jacob Ziv and Abraham Lempel had introduced a simple and efficient compression method published in their article "A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression".

This algorithm is referred to as LZ77 in honour to the authors and the publishing date 1977.

So you can see how much shorter the second message is than the first.

The plaque may be viewed at the Ancient Building of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) at Hadar Hacarmel, Haifa, Israel.Do not be intimidated; if you recognize that you are willing and if you know what to pay attention in an online dating site, you will have a better online dating selection time your site.The new company is large in which women seeking women online is no output.An example would be Huffman or Shannon-Fano coding. The data compression algorithm developed at this site in 1977 by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv became a basis for enabling data transmission via the internet in an efficient way.

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