Laws against teachers dating parents

Meanwhile, school districts and lawmakers around the country have been developing or revising policies on electronic communication and social media interaction between teachers and students.And with no shortage of scandals, many are erring on the side of caution by crafting stricter regulations.Since 1991, 129 teachers have been prosecuted for relationships with pupils but a Sheffield University study suggested as many as 1,500 intimate relationships develop every year.

But Miss Keates said the abuse of trust law had gone too far in cases where the relationship started after a pupil had reached the age of consent.J., and a Huff Post blogger, maintained that despite these incidents, technology can be incorporated into schools without compromising the students' safety.Some members of Sheniger's staff use Tweet text, which turns public tweets into text messages that show up on a phone."If a teacher has said something inappropriate to a child, are we going to ban teachers from talking to students?""Teachers can send thought-provoking questions to their class for what it is they're going to be learning that day, and let students respond with their thoughts," Nielsen said.

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"They were saying, 'If you need to reach me, texting is the way to do it.'" While not every student has a computer or a smartphone, most have phones with texting functions, she added."Students started to ask questions about all sorts of school support issues," Pollock said.

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  1. asked a person who identified as a middle-age, heterosexual male attending one of my programs addressing the transformation of our culture to one based on respect and consent. No one person has a role to be the pleaser or to more frequently be the receiver.