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I am currently in a serious relationship with someone from kurdistan and was wondering if anyone could provide me with more information on my inquiry.

He is recently divorced with 2 daughters whom i adore.

Any advice on what anyone thinks he could be thinking or what I should do . im a 16 year old English girl who recently dating a 22 year old Kurdish boy .

thanks x He is just in it for the thrill, he did not say anything, you have to listen to the words, and sometimes even with the words you have to pay attention to the body language. I met him in our local kebab shop and instantly became attracted to him and he was attracted to me.

2 years ago he found out that he has a child by a girl that he had been with before me but told me that he ran away when he found out.

He recently went bk home as he wanted to see his family again as it had been 6 yrs and was forced to marry the girl bcos he has a child with her but he doesnt want to be with her, he doesnt love her or know her, he only did it bcos he hds no other choice, the girls father said that he would kill him and his family if he didnt do it so he had to.

He never told me that he was already married until we were together for 4 years! He told his family he wanted a divorce and they beat him up and said they'd kill him if he went through with it because it would be a disgrace to the family.

I would never believe that this happens in this day and age if I hadn't been through this awful experience myself!

hi and slav ji wera to all people,i am kurd from western i want to say something about us Kurds to ladies that love or married to Kruds.first of all you did maybe best choice because we Kurds are goodlovers and some romance alwasy will be inside of us unfortunately we have a stupid traditions of past long today which we must accept,i suggest to I have now found out that since we broke up 3 months ago, he is now getting engaged to a Kurdish woman and he is boasting that she is a virgin and he loves her already.I'm heartbroken as we was together for 6 years and have emotional ties with the babies..this moment, I don't feel I can trust anyone again... I am asian and i must have been inlove with kurd but he is liar for six months hes hiding that he is married, I was so broken when I noticed it.Other than that I am still glad there were an article about the Kurdish culture although the false statements.hi,my husbant is kurdish we live together about 8 years,i was always happy with him,,,but be carefully avery girls who start partnership with man from kurdistan because every kurdish man want go to back his country,my husbant leave alone now because he like just his country and he like live there,so partnership with kurdish guy is not forever...remember this everyone Hi thanks for sharing this insight into a bit of what kurdistan is.

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