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You may be thinking—OK, but it can’t get worse, right? At the time, we were doing weekly theater workshops that were open to anyone and sure enough, Jane showed up one night to participate. I was taking care of something else and wasn’t paying much attention until I noticed a commotion developing. For some reason, she had spilled her Nazi opinions to the dozen or so folks gathered.

The following is a list of notable Korean Americans, including original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.But I hope wherever she is now, she’s found peace and maybe even a little bit of enlightenment.To this day, I have no idea why a nice Korean American girl with a seemingly normal upbringing would grow up to embrace a Nazi philosophy, but, hell, I was an idiot too for hanging around as long as I did.The whole time I was talking to her, she was focused on her reflection in her compact and the assorted shades of lipstick she was testing on her lips because, as she said, “I’m an actress, I have to try out different looks.” She admitted that she had just been cast in some Korean TV show and her career was going to take off.It was clear nothing I said was getting through to her.

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