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RELATED: ‘The Challenge: Rivals III’: Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello is ‘tiptoeing’ back into the limelight These “Are You the One” kids proved on Wednesday night (May 25), that they are not worthy to be on the same show as Johnny Bananas, Sarah, Kelly Anne, Wes, Jenna or even Ashley Brooke.The latter being this season’s most surprising contestant.

Before we get to the challenge, as yet incomplete, that left Ashley and Cory in bandages, we have to hear about Simone's anus in gruesome detail, watch Camila get in two different fights, and see a whole lot of various buttcheeks (Dragbrows) and boobs (...everyone? Not sure how to rank these dopes based on the material we got, but here goes! " TJ does little to try to convince Brandon to stay and, once he and Briana take their leave, he sums up the situation pithily before getting into the challenge brief: Truer words, my extreme-sporting friend.Their best hope was Wes throwing challenges for them, but that failed this time, and eventually Wes is going to get sent home if keeps up his active sabotage.My only guess is that MTV likes to set up a clear underdog to maintain the possibility of a final challenge upset, but the only time that works is when the underdog wins via some technicality, like when Eric passed out during the final challenge of , preventing the team from having “every team member cross the finish line.” What MTV should do is have an individual competition in the first episode, with the two winners earning the rights to pick their teams as “captain” playground style. I don't, really, and I understand the realities of time passing. And it's not that I particularly mind the influx of new folks this season and last.

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