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Until next time, stay inspired and make every single one of these crazy, hazy days count.According to recent Census Bureau data, the District has the lowest ratio of single men to single women in the nation. (And, who knows, you might meet someone.) I also think it would be a good idea to get out and mingle in person. Kelly Ann Collins: Where are you looking for these women? : This may not be your area of expertise, but where's the best place for a mid-30s gay man to meet new men to date? _______________________ Clarendon: The key to dating as a man in D. is to dress well, lie creatively and cover her tab. because a guy that is not a good boyfriend can still be a good friend. Kelly Ann Collins: I don't think we are less adventuresome. I've also met people at bookstores and coffee shops. If he gives you his card in return, it's probably a green flag. _______________________ Bowie, Md.: I think the male-to-female ratio in D. I am a black man and I moved here thinking there was a surplus of women. In other words, there are plenty of married men like me, who are willing to show single women a good time in D. And, there are not many men who would not want Miss Julia Roberts. There are a wide variety of events which attract different crowds, so you can be sure to find one which will have the type of people you're looking for. Right.) Seriously, you can never have too many friends. _______________________ Mc Lean, Va.: Where do people meet in DC? _______________________ Silver Spring, Md.: In response to your earlier answer, you said women should at least make eye contact and smile. Is that something a man should look for before approaching?

Her best friend is Chris and he's not into that stuff either. Follow Kelly Ann's ventures into the crazy world of love through her extremely funny diary.

I dunno, but I see all sorts of *hot* mid-30s gay guys when I go there. Have people lost the ability to socialize, or does D. A pal of mine runs, which has this "Meet Me at Hot or Not" dating service. Dating sites seem like a good way to weed people out (especially if one of your pet peeves is bad grammar / spelling - ergh! To me online dating is tricky because it gives me a sense of false intimacy (by intimacy I mean getting to know someone, not physical intimacy). Kelly Ann Collins: Try networking through Facebook or Friendster ... C.: I kept getting asked out by women who are 5- to 15-years older than me. 24) Kelly Ann Collins: I didn't realize until I saw the report, but according to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, D. has the lowest -- read, worst -- ratio of single men to single women in the nation. The guy I used to date for three years (and who I have tried to remain friends with) has just started seeing someone new. Can you recommend some new, hip happening places where a mid-20s fabulous professional gal can meet her similar match in a man? _______________________ Arlington, Va.: Wanna have dinner with me on Thanksgiving in a hot air balloon tethered to a tree on the banks of Roosevelt Island? Kelly Ann Collins: Thanks, but I have a schedule conflict. _______________________ Arlington, Va.: What would you say is the best way to meet men?

Why is it that so many people look to dating sites instead of actually going out to meet people? And some people say that it's easier to get to know people via chat / e-mail because people let down their guard. For me "context" means friends in common, seeing how they treat people, etc. That's just over nine-tenths of a man for every woman." (Post, Sept. I don't know what it is - the return of cold and dreary weather, or work, but I'm finding that I'm getting tired of all the normal spots I used to frequent over the summer. C.: I have a friend who can't seem to find a decent date in the whole city. She feels left out of the fun and has given up completely. Of course she is feeling left out, she's hanging out with a bunch of married couples! otherwise, you are going to annoy them and strike out big time.

I think you should think about some females that don't have the initials K. _______________________ WDC: You're a "philanthropist" as well as a blogger, journalist, and social maven? like the Capital Club, which hosts events that lots of Republican gals (including the Bush Twins) attend. _______________________ Guy in Bethesda, Md.: The ratio seems to have a reverse-psychology associated with it. And, you should try some of the fun places in the Chinatown / Gallery Place area if you haven't ... Another interesting place (with a different scene) is the bar at The Mayflower hotel. actually does attract a high number of people who are socially awkward - policy wonks, over-achievers and the like. professionals who have constant access to the Internet) are always busy, and dating just isn't a top priority. When I was 23, I dated this guy that I used to try to push off on other girls, hoping he'd leave me.

while your crush was kinda flattering back in 2003, it is now, well, creepy-stalkerish. Avoid Capitol Hill and Cafe Milano like the plague! unless they have some peculiar addiction (or deeply rooted issue). _______________________ Haters Please: This is a dating advice or comment column. Go to art shows, poetry readings, concerts, whatever tickles your fancy. GOP'er Kelly Ann Collins: You might want to check out a social club with GOP roots ... Virginia is supposedly "for lovers," but it seems so far away! C., try: In Dupont, try Urbana at Hotel Palomar (also Gazuza, Science Club and Dragonfly). for those kinds of jobs but aren't socially awkward (i.e. is a city full of overachievers, which isn't a bad thing ... Kelly Ann Collins: Unless the wife is *trying* to get rid of him ...

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Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for Teens Read Kelly Ann is a boy's girl..the kind that dresses up and makes out with them, but rather the kind that plays football (or soccer) with them and is seen only as a friend.

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