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One of the best moments of the evening came when Robin Pecknold and a young woman whose name I can’t recall came on stage to provide “clapping percussion” during “Good Intentions Pavement Company.” They seemed a little extraneous to the song, but no one in the audience seemed to care, since they were excited to see him back on stage.

Unexpectedly, the end of the song seamlessly morphed into “Happy Birthday,” which led to an audience sing-along, directed at Pecknold, whose birthday was that day.

After a digging in his pocket for a guitar pick, he launched into his set, which was a combination of new songs and familiar Fleet Foxes material, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar.

Many of my friends adore her music and have told me for awhile that I would love her.

That’s probably unfair and simplistic, but it’s what I heard.

The remainder of the set was mostly comprised of new material, with only two songs coming from previous albums — “The Book of Right-On” from .

At one point, he asked the audience if anyone had been a victim of a famous email phishing scam and when no one said anything, he laughed incredulously and then moved on to the next song.

He later revisited the phishing scam, informing the audience that his email was hacked that day and the scammer sent out an email to all of his contacts claiming that he was stranded in Wales and needed money.

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