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Therefore, the maximum value assigned to the number of site collections is not absolute, but is calculated based on an expected set of usage characteristics in which overall farm performance would be acceptable at the given limit under most circumstances.

Obviously, if some services are operating under parameters that are higher than those used for limits testing, the maximum effective limits of other services will be reduced.

This article contains information to help you understand the tested performance and capacity limits of Share Point Server 2013, and offers guidelines for how limits relate to acceptable performance.

Use the information in this article to determine whether your planned deployment falls within acceptable performance and capacity limits, and to appropriately configure limits in your environment.

Summary: Learn about the tested performance and capacity limits of Share Point Server 2013 and how limits relate to acceptable performance.

This article describes software boundaries and limits of Share Point Server 2013.

If the size of one slice increases, the size of others must decrease proportionally.The size of the pie is therefore related to the overall resources of the farm; adding resources (such as farm servers) increases the size of the pie.This pie is divided into slices that represent load from a variety of sources: user requests, search queries, operations against installed features, timer jobs and operating system overhead.Many limits in Share Point Server 2013 can be changed, but it is important to understand how changing a given limit affects other parts of the farm.In Share Point Server 2013, thresholds and supported limits are established through testing and observation of farm behavior under increasing loads up to the point where farm services and operations reach their effective operational limits.

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