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Armed Black Panthers blocked a doorway to a polling location to intimidate voters in Philadelphia, Pa., according to Republican poll observers.After he saw a Black Panther brandishing a nightstick to threaten voters, a poll watcher called police.According to recent reports, GOP Election Board members have been kicked out of at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because they are Republicans – despite a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling that on-site election judges are not allowed to remove court-appointed poll observers.Fox News reported Republican poll watchers in West Philadelphia were asked to leave because Democrats are the party of power, and the Republicans are not being allowed to monitor the election process.

“So I walked directly in between them, went inside and found the poll watchers. And they told us not to come outside because a black man is going to win this election no matter what.” He said he then walked back outside and the man with a night stick told him, “‘We’re tired of white supremacy’ and he starts tapping the nightstick in his hand.

2 that the Black Panthers would send members to polling sites on Election Day, the Jackson Sun reported.

“We will not allow some racists and other angry whites, who are upset over an impending Barack Obama presidential victory, to intimidate blacks at the polls,” he said.

Or at least that’s what the group was planning to do before The Huffington Post asked Stone about it on Tuesday. [The Huffington Post, 10/25/16] Stone told the Guardian that around 1,300 volunteers from the controversial Citizens for Trump grassroots coalition would conduct exit polling in Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Richmond and Fayetteville – all locations in pivotal swing states.

The controversial Trump ally, long known for his bare-knuckled political tactics, said that key proposals on his group’s websites were there without his knowledge, and assured Huff Post that he would operate within the confines of election law. Media organizations and political campaigns conduct exit polling for all major elections, but David Paleologos – a polling expert and director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center – said effective exit polling was done in bellwether precincts, not in areas likely to be dominated by a particular political party.

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