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We men are by nature visual creatures, and so to really drive home this point, you are about to get photographic evidence to convey this message more powerfully than words alone ever could.

Recently, there was an article in an Australian newspaper that highlighted the absolute folly of men wasting their time on internet dating.

The female author of this article gushes that “If Nicole’s everyday life mirrored her online one, she’d be mobbed in the street daily by hordes of single men wanting to kiss her.” However, the reason unattractive women are swamped with attention online is because men who are too lazy to approach her properly in person don’t feel like it is too much effort to send her a “wink” on an online dating site.

A real alpha male would approach them in person, but they don’t, because the brutal reality is they just aren’t much of a catch.

This should be deflating to these women’s egos, but it isn’t. If we all do this, we really are killing two birds with one stone.

Being part of a mass exodus reduces the inflated egos of undesirable women, forces them to lift their game, and also benefits your growth and development as a man.

Encouraged by the YOLO mindset, she becomes bored, and jealous, and she too seeks out online dating and hookup websites.

In a world of absolutely rampant female narcissism, where female arrogance and entitlement go hand-in-hand with the skyrocketing obesity rate, we need to raise our standards and stop feeding the beast.

All internet dating does is raise the egos of unattractive women, who become lazier and lazier as they get swamped with more and more attention. A glut of old, fat women who think they are as hot as Kate Upton.

Yvette admits that she has yet to go on a single date with anyone she’s met online.

In other words, she thinks her suitors are pathetic, and regularly looks at her online dating page Any remotely attractive woman can get laid with little or no effort.

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