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As I looked overhead, the sun was on the west side of noon. I had watched movies that had kissing scenes in them to know how to do it.

I could literally see my own heart beating off my chest! I was having a great time, but then, suddenly, I wanted to throw up. She seemed to take the fact that we were going to kiss in less than a couple of hours pretty well. We were fifteen minutes from her place but somehow the drive felt like it was taking me hours. I turned towards her, and wrapped my right hand around her as best as I could, all the while trying desperately to get into a good position to kiss her. I regretted not watching enough movies where the kissing took place with shopping bags around. I didn’t know what was going on, I just couldn’t find her lips in the middle of all those shopping bags. [Read: Understanding the mind of an overly sweet nice guy] Somehow, with a bit of a tussle with her shopping bags and a lot of rustling and tearing of bags later, I found her lips at a distance and locked lips with her.

I met her at the nearby ice cream parlor, after having a few close shaves with the car. It was still early, so she said she wanted to shop.

We drove down to a few streets that were excellent for shopping and bargains.

I loved talking, and her quiet and calm personality had me head over heels over her. Wednesday ended with a lot of thought over kisses and pepper sprays.

[Read: 30 super sexy traits of a girl that attract all guys] The haunting of my first kiss It was pretty certain that she had no idea I wanted to kiss her. Thursday arrived, after a freakishly scary dream of me being chased by pepper sprays.

In two days I would be kissing my girlfriend for the first time!

The theory about girls using pepper spray on guys who kiss them unnerved me.

During lunch break, I called her aside and told her that I wanted Saturday to be a special day in our relationship, and asked her if I could kiss her on Saturday. There were instances when time stood still and others, when it seemed to blaze round the clock. It was nice and warm, and I couldn’t help sneaking glances now and then at her lips.

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I started watching movies and the on-screen kissing looked way too complicated, it was almost impossible.

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