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Update-Help -UICulture ja-JP, en-US Update-Help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) 'Server Manager' with UI culture(s) : The specified culture is not supported: ja-JP. This command updates the Japanese and English help files for all modules.

If a module currently does not provide help files for the specified UI culture, the error message lists the UI cultures that the module supports.

Without parameters, Update-Help updates the help for modules in the session and for all installed modules, in a PSModule Path location, that support Updatable Help, even if the module is not in the current session.

To override the once-per-day limit, use the parameter.

In this example, the error message indicates that the Server Manager module currently provides help files only in en-US.

Register-Scheduled Job -Name Update Help Job -Credential Domain01\User01 -Script Block -Trigger (New-Job Trigger -Daily -At "3 AM") Id Name Job Triggers Command Enabled -- ---- ----------- ------- ------- 1 Update Help Job 1 Update-Help True This command creates a scheduled job that updates help for all modules on the computer every day at in the morning.

You can use Update-Help even on computers that are not connected to the Internet.

Use the Save-Help cmdlet to download help files from the Internet and save them in a file system location, such as a shared folder or file system directory.

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