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NOTE: When emailing copies of documents, users may still be limited by an email system's maximum attachment size.

Online Editor Using the Open in option on the right-click menu, users will be able to edit documents using Office Online.

Click here for User Update Notes Click here for Administrator Update Notes Search Refinement There are now even more powerful searching capabilities available from the search results page that allow users to apply metadata filters to their search results: Learn more about Search Results Refinement The Advanced Search page now no longer defaults to the user's most recent criteria.

Instead, the most recent container will be used as the scope.

All folders will be converted as an automatic background process before these changes will be made available.

No action will be required on your part to implement this when it is released.

The 16.2 Update is planned for release at the following times: US datacenter: June 2, 2016 at PM US Eastern time. AU datacentre: June 3, 2016 at AM Australian Eastern Time.

Information and dates listed in these Update Notes are subject to change prior to the actual Update being released.

Document Size Limit The size limit for a single document has been increased from 200MB to 1GB.

See our Beta Announcement for more detailed information.

As always during a beta test, issues may be found which may require us to adjust the actual release date of the Update.

A user's most recent search will be available from the Recent Searches list.

With the 16.2 Update, the various new and existing search features are utilizing the new nd Search engine.

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After this feature is released, all new folders created will have this new functionality.

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