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Old Town Pizza (address and info)/Ground Kontrol (address and info) You’re probably too old to go clubbing. It's a sprawling, intimate Peruvian experience that has become one of the area’s go-to spots for anniversaries... Tapas are the draw, of which there are more than 30, ranging from rellenos to ceviche to kebabs. It might be spendy (well, Portland spendy), but that’s a small price to pay for a surefire trip to at least second base.—Michelle De Vona As William Faulkner once claimed, “there’s no such thing as bad whiskey.” He then subtlety added, “Some whiskeys just happen to be better than others.” The latter rings true at this classy bourbon bar set in a Victorian house, which takes on a cozy, candlelit vibe come nightfall.Featuring an extensive selection of American whiskey, it’s a perfect place for a casual yet romantic first date involving drinks and a few small plates. Next door, Radar offers up small plates like bluefish pate and watermelon salads that are ideal forsharing, and larger plates like smoked pork shoulder and crab linguini in case you’re not into the whole sharing thing... But the real draw here is the meat: Old Salt has an in-house butcher shop that feeds the hearth, which pops out some of the best damned upscale comfort food you’ll eat, period.which is kind of a shitty way to start out a relationship, but hey, it’s your date. If you really want to impress, opt for the “let us cook for you” option, where you tell the chef how much you want to spend ( minimum), and he showers you in delicious.

The dining room offers up French/Asian/WTF fusion ranging from brioche-crusted sole with shrimp mousse to roasted lamb (and pig ears!It even has a couch, in case you want to pretend you’re in your parents' basement and have a make-out session. If you want to really find out about your date’s willingness to try new things, this is your barometer.Aviary (address and info) Nothing really screams romance quite like pig ears, and that crispy dish has made Aviary famous.Raven & Rose (address and info) There are so, so many great date spots Downtown (shout-outs to Imperial, Departure, VQ, Little Bird, Mucca, and about a dozen others), but there’s just something very intimate about hanging out in the old Ladd Carriage House. It’s a great mix between casual and intimate, and the menu has everything from an upscale take on fried chicken to steak and seafood...Maybe it’s eating fried rabbit and rarebit in candlelight in a historic mansion. with nothing on the menu topping (including the ribeye! It’s also across the street from one of our favorite beer theaters, The Academy, in case you want to be on the most predictable date ever. Smallwares (address and info) Because they allow you to try a lot (and share a lot), small plates are ideal for a date.

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While it's no secret that Portland is teeming with attractive singles (particularly of the artistic persuasion), we are often faced with the all too familiar conundrum: Just where do you take someone on that crucial first date? Well, these restaurants and bars can likely accommodate your dating style, no matter if it's swanky and sleek, cozy and romantic, flannel and IPA, or awkward and shifty. Let us (and the greater world of Portland singles) in on your secret in the comments below.

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