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Compare that to the national average of people with master’s degrees or higher at 12%, you guys are a bunch of smarty pants!Naturally, we were curious to see if having a graduate degree, or other further degree, has any correlation to a member’s attractiveness and preferences.Witness a review from a user, who told the NYT, “The site is elitist, and all the better for it." Bad news kids!Only one of the schools on your website is truly "the best" according to the "real elite," who say that Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton are the only schools that really fit into the category of a "top tier" education.Once you've created your free Book Lovers profile, you can browse the profiles of other members.If you find someone you'd like to get in touch with, you can contact them through the site. This means you can talk safely and privately, only giving out personal information if, and when, you're ready.To start using Book Lovers you only need to register and create your profile.

So keep on trucking, keep on learning, and hang that degree with pride!In the FGPA office you have access to the Associate Dean, Student and Postdoctoral Affairs who can provide assistance on academic integrity offenses and intellectual property matters.The International Graduate Student Recruitment Officer is also a resource for you when you arrive on campus.Joking aside, what you may not know is that we are indeed, statistically, a favorite among highly educated professionals.Believe it or not, over 35% of our member base has a master’s degree or higher.

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