Girls have it easy dating

Guys have a limited amount of venting allotted to them—in many cases, they just have to suck it up and pretend everything is fine.They’re left pining after someone longer and, in turn, taking a long time to move on.I've never had a girlfriend and wonder if I'm going to die alone - and I'm still holding out for somebody who is about the same level of attractiveness as I am Yes women have easy access to dudes who are lame/have no personality/etc... They want the guys who are good looking and charismatic and those guys are extremely picky It's still somewhat easier for the woman because she can be passive and let potential dates come to her.

It’s perfectly acceptable for women to spray tan, wear immense amounts of makeup, wear shape-forming clothing and get literally any haircut in the world that we want.

Whereas if a man does this he tends to get in trouble—men have to either be VERY secretive about dating several women or just wait it out, one woman at a time, to see what works out before moving on.

If we’re being honest, most women would not date a man who is interning at his dream company while paying his bills through his bartending gig—women want a man who is established in his career.

Meanwhile a man takes around a to 0 gamble each time he takes a woman out—if things don’t work out, that was money down the drain.

You can take a day to respond to a guy’s text and it will generally pique his interest even more.

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