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It’s important to think about other ways to deploy it.We created a GPO to deploy the software, using Group Policy preferences, scheduled tasks.The only downside to this, is that it requires Windows Vista or higher.(This is required because you need an alternative user to run the task).Restart the clients or force the policy on them in order to take effect; but if you are not in rush, just wait between 90-120 min for the policy to apply on clients.I forced the policy (since I have only two clients) using gpupdate /force command.I created this step-by-step guide for those people that don’t understand or want to know how to configure WSUS to deploy updates using Group Policy.

In WSUS you can create a view, so you can see if clients are missing the definitions.You can use the following install switches for Monitoring: Our customer had a specific question: They wanted to monitor if the FEP definitions were deployed successfully.When you use GPO to set FEP settings, you have to enable to policy to allow definitions from Microsoft Update.For certain services you don´t want the traffic to use the proxy (perhaps some internal services on your network) set the proxy bypass list.You can learn more about that and other features using the help: nets winhttp set proxy ?

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