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, de Ravin’s characters are as beloved as they are diverse.One thing that ties all of her characters together though is passion, which de Ravin has in spades in real life.Emilie lives in California with her dogs, Bella and Mabel.In 2007 she separated from husband Josh Janowicz but Emilie confirmed on the 28 April 2008 episode of the Opie and Anthony Show on XM Radio that she is still, in fact, happily married. Now: Heigl found great success on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and in romantic comedies like ‘Knocked Up,’ ’27 Dresses,’ and ‘The Big Wedding.’ She’s married to singer Josh Kelley and the pair have adopted two daughters together.Then: Brendan Fehr was Michael Guerin, best friend of Isabel and fellow alien-human outcast.

And you know, [with] acting, it’s how much do you hide away from the camera or how much do you bring it to life? There were a lot of little pieces which kind of became their own thing, so that was the fun part of that. People deal with a lot of fear, which is a big thing in the second half.

It wasn’t like, “Oh, I’ll use that part of me.” It just evolved really naturally. People dealing with their fears, people coming to [revelations], people moving on, moving forward — or are they stuck?

Emilie was born on 27th December 1981, and grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

Taking time in between the holidays and getting ready to head back to set to film the second half of Emilie de Ravin: I loved the story from the moment I finished reading it. It’s a really entertaining story, and a really wonderful message set in a world [with a] little bit of fantasy, but some would say the real world.

It’s a mixture of love and friendship and the effects of war on young people and really dealing with that in a very smart way [with issues not] being pushed aside.

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Her first starring role was on the fantasy drama, Beast Master.

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