Effects of dating children of divorce

I am just trying to organize my ideas, but I am not sure about it.paragraph one ...introduction... Statistics suggested that more than fifty percent of divorced couples cited money problems as the cause of their divorce. So, if marriages become hard, it is easier for them to give up than to try their bestto solve their problems.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS MAY CAUSE SOME SOCIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS: Juvenile delinquency- Teen pregnancy- Unmarried couples living togetherparagraph seven.... Financial problems can be another important reason. They think that everything is going to be easy and that they will be always happy.

Using words like teen pregnancy and pre-teen sex just makes me think that the only one who suffers from a bad case of juvenility here is...you! Im short on time but i hope you get a gist of how you should proceed. --- this does express your main idea quite well, but it is complicated. I am writing essays because I am taking a course of Academic Writing, the teacher said thet if we want we can invent some evidence.

I get what you were trying to say with your point of WOMEN here BUT how you wrote it completely missed the mark. Its in Urdu but you can watch it with subtitles: "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna""Till death do us part" was such a strong start that I was almost ready to be blown away the time I started reading it but it proved to be a complete dud by the end. However, I did do some research about this topic before writing and the statistics and evidence are real!!! I don't agree with you maybe it is not a problem for you, but in my opinion it is and a serious one, maybe because I am a religion person, I am married and I firmly believe that marriage is the most amazing and sacred thing, but I also Understand that not everybody thinks the same..is normal... I used to do the whole paper first and then make the outline based on it.

Those psychological problems are usually the reason for some sociological problemssuch as, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, unmarried couples living together, etc.

The Assertion that marriages fail due to women is an extremely strong one that to back it up you need concrete evidence. (ok, maybe that holds true for someone who truely believes in "Money - root of all happiness") Quote your source and maybe then i'll buy it!!! However, i do agree that this is a strong point to discuss. Another factor that you can mention here can be willingness to adjust to changes. It's like setting yourself up to do a scavenger hunt for specific pieces of information. Explore databases and read articles, and see where they fit into the essay. This rate is so high due to several reasons that lead people to divorce and this result affects the children involved because they suffer the loss of a parent which may cause psychological and sociological problems. I think you should add one more sentence to clarify: This rate is so high due to several reasons that lead people to divorce, and this result affects the children involved because they suffer the loss of a parent. I wasn't very especific because in my previous thread I explained what I had to do and why,but I completely forgot that neew people will read this new thread...so, to anser your question, NO, this is not a formal essay.I hope to receive some different opinions,thanks :)You really need to be more specific about what you're looking for us to do.I don't know if this is supposed to be a formal essay that requires citations and whatnot, but you make a lot of unfounded assertions.Substantial research evidence shows that, on average, children who have experienced parental divorce score somewhat lower than children in first-marriage families on measures of emotional well being.That is, many children present maladaptive behavior, difficulties with peers, depression and low self-esteem following their parents' divorce.

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