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He is currently married to a woman from Ghana, West African that is my step-mom.She has given me many headaches in my life as step-moms normally do.Just like KC’s email a few weeks ago about how she receives emails from disappointing men she meets online, you’re illustrating an amusing concern with men’s preferences in women. If he is a dishwasher and he finds you pretty, he’s going to ask you out. It’s not that a man is older than you, it’s that he’s a generation older than you. Fiona, Reading between the lines of your post I got the impression that you are a decent just trying to make your way through the world like everyone else.My answer to you is largely the same as my answer to her. If you don’t go out with him because you intimate that you’re “above” him on the dating food chain, it’s predictable that he might lash out at you. It’s not that he’s a few pounds overweight, it’s that he’s obese. Your choice of words, however, makes you come like a stiff snob.Just like the first time, it was full of smart, pretty, successful women in their thirties and forties and men of similar ages with manual labor jobs (and a few running their own manual labor businesses) but no men of equivalent professional or educational status except for one doctor.

On the flip side you probably wouldn't have much in common, you can't have conversations with them about world events, politics and other things.He did however buy me a drink in the bar afterwards and asked me what I thought of the event.I said I would be unlikely to go again because I have nothing in common to talk about with the men that I have met at these events.Although, I will give you this one in the sense of the "ladies who lunch." My mother was one of those women and didn't attend college, she married my father before that and never felt the need to as he had a very good job and could provide without a problem.I personally think it's so that they know they're the smarter one in the relationship and they have all of the control in several places. Maids, gardeners, nannies (my mother was a "stay at home mom" and I was raised by a nanny because my brother and I were too stressful for her to deal with. I see this a lot where I live and with who I interact with and it really is quite sad.

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I could never see myself spending the rest of my life with someone who doesn't seem to have any aspirations in life.

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