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He is heavily obsessed with Call of Duty, and once remarked to Jim that he is "gonna kill [Jim] for real" for using sniper rifles ("The Coup", Season 3 Episode 3) on a close range shooting map.When Andy transferred to the Scranton Branch, he told Jim that he found Pam attractive, which caused Jim to play a practical joke on Pam and tell Andy many things that were the opposite of what Pam finds to be attractive in a man ("The Convict", Season 3 Episode 9).He tells the cameras that he felt Dwight felt resentment toward him so he hired Dwight to be second in command.A planking Kelly up on Andy's cabinet tells him that it was a smart move to which an annoyed Andy mutters "this has got to stop".In Gossip after Michael spread the rumor that Andy was gay, he started to believe he actually was and went to Oscar for help.Andy becomes the first Dunder Mifflin/Sabre employee to learn the printers they sell can catch on fire (The Chump).

in 1973) is a fictional character played by Ed Helms in the television series, The Office.He tasks Dwight with going around and stopping plankers.Andy is later confronted by Jim and Pam when they find a page in Robert's notebook with all their names on a list.He is also the first to be suspected of leaking the story to the press, which he vehemently denies (The Whistleblower).However, it is revealed he is one of least four others who leaked the story, though he remains the only one blamed.

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Andy is constantly making wedding plans at work, completely unaware that Angela is having an affair with Dwight.

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