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In the next dialog, you should select the folder where the process should be created (for example the src/main/resources folder of your project) and a name for the process.

Clicking "Finish" should create your new process (by default it should only contain one start node) and open it so you can start editing it.

You can select to either use a simple "Hello World" process, a slightly more advanced process including human tasks and persistence or simply an empty project.

You can also select to include a JUnit test class that you can use to test your process.

To define a new j BPM runtime, click on the "Add" button.

A dialog such as the one shown below should pop up, asking for the name of your runtime and the location on your file system where it can be found.

Note that you yourself are responsible for making sure that the code you generate can be understood by the runtime (for example, if you create an example using j BPM6 API but select a j BPM5 runtime, your sample will not compile).

Also note that, if you want to execute a j BPM5 example on j BPM6, you will need to have the knowledge-api jar inside your j BPM6 runtime, as this is responsible for the backwards compatibility of the j BPM5 API in j BPM6.

You can also convert an existing Java project to a j BPM project by selecting the "Convert to j BPM Project" action.A "Preferences" dialog should show all your settings.On the left side of this dialog, under the j BPM category, select "Installed j BPM runtimes".It provides the following features (on top of the Eclipse IDE): The j BPM installer is capable of downloading and installing an Eclipse installation, including the Drools and j BPM Eclipse plugin (with a full j BPM runtime preconfigured) and the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler.The aim of the new project wizard is to set up an executable sample project to start using processes immediately.

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