Does consolidating my student loans hurt my credit

It’s nice to know that some borrowers and cosigners are concerned about the impact applying to multiple student loans may have on their credit.

After all, our good credit allows us to finance important big ticket items like cars and homes and receive better rates on things like car insurance and credit cards.

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When handled correctly, student loans can also play a major role in building a student’s credit history, which is often nonexistent when they’re just starting out.

When you cosign a loan, you agree to be equally responsible for the debt.

Shopping for the best rates is what we’re all about here at e Student Loan.

Your first bill may arrive right after you graduate, ushering in your new bill-paying, over-financed life.

You also may have a hard time paying off your loan if you’re too busy paying off the credit card you were given a t-shirt to apply for.

The way in which they determine this important difference is to look at the time frame in which the inquiries occur.

If they are spread over a longer period of time, it may appear that the purpose of the inquiries is to open multiple accounts.

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Everyone has things about his college experience he tends to throw out after graduation.

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