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In general, each station has its own format for the time code.A current list of times signal stations is published by the BIPM as an appendix to their annual report; the appendix includes coordinates of transmitter sites, operating schedules for stations, and the uncertainty of the carrier frequency of transmitters.The system typically requires only one transmitter for complete RF coverage of your facility.The wireless system is fully expandable allowing you to start with a system that fits your immediate needs, and with the flexibility to add more clocks, bells or tone generators as needed.It automatically switched between WWV's 5, 10, and 15 MHz frequencies to find the strongest signal as conditions changed through the day and year.It kept time during periods of poor reception with a quartz-crystal oscillator.Radio clocks depend on coded time signals from radio stations.The stations vary in broadcast frequency, in geographic location, and in how the signal is modulated to identify the current time.

BRG offers the latest and most reliable way to wirelessly synchronize all time displays in your facility to the U. The BRG Master Clock is the heart of the system, sending synchronized time to all clocks in your facility, or across the entire campus.

Further, wireless synchronization is now available at a lower cost than most wired systems.

The high cost of synchronized wiring is eliminated and clock maintenance is greatly reduced.

The master clock comes standard with a NTP Ethernet receiver that can be directed to sync with an internal NTP Timer server or any number of government time servers on the internet.

BRG offers other optional synchronization methods including: The BRG Master Clock uses a time proven, high power, UHF radio transmitter to send time updates to all clocks.

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GPS satellite navigation receivers also internally generate accurate time information from the satellite signals.

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