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Is the fact that you have written in your profile that you are diabetic killing your chances? You seem positive and in control of your diabetes, so I can't see it putting me off someone with that mind set.

For me the fact that you need to write about it suggests that you think it's a big issue. Also, you kinda make it sound like you're dying-it's made me focused on everything I undertake. OP, in your case, where being obese, drinking, smoking and not staying healthy apparently isn't a factor, I'm not sure why anyone would be afraid of the diabetes.

I went hungry for five hours, and was worried about him collapsing.

Just as not all women are the same, I would like to point out that not all male diabetics are the same.

They scan the pics, see the ones with no shirt in the bathroom mirror and click to the next profile.

Not only are shirtless male pics not allowed on POF at all but most women find them rather repulsive. Its not that your a diabetic thats killing ya I promise.

Or it was diabetes due to lifestyle, overweight, unhealthy etc. I dated a 60 year-old man who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 40. I took him on an easy hike in Olympic National Park.

Did you expect one lady here to poll all of the other ladies and then post the results of that poll, or are you just another mentally deficient individual from the UK with no freaking clue?

I'm happy to have wasted one reply to your stupid post!

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Hi girls, I'm wondering just how many of you actually read a guys profile fully, and how many of you just browse the pictures and then base your decision on those images.

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