Death note matsuda fanfiction online dating dating after divorce telling the kids

so there's more to watch I enjoyed this series take on the "human" side of the characters.

It was great how they depicted the mental struggles of light bearing such powerful weapon and how it turned him into something else.

Kira is supposed to be smart but the actor portrayed Kira as if he is a psychopath.

I came here for Kento, but Kubota's acting made me stay.. and ever since I was always rooting for L (coz he is soo cool and such a genius) but this version of DN just made me want to root for kira, I cant explain, but for some reason, i wanted to see the world kira wanted to make...

too bad it didnt happen but another movie is coming out..

I really like Kento Yamazaki but he was not the right choice for L. The early episodes maybe weak but then become so good. And I can feel that L really want to become Light's best friend. I was quite sad when notice that Light not genius in this version, but overall I do really enjoy the movie.

He just doesn't suit for him because he is too "handsome". Especially Masataka Kubota's acting really awesome, cannot imagine that he could have present gradation of emotion when he portray this Light version, I could not expect any better portray from some "normal guy" then change himself into "god wanna be", even tough I still do really hope could see Masataka Kubota to portray the real Light Yagami, as a genius, good looking and cruel one.

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