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Just twelve hours after Tami Reay was reported missing, police had charged her husband with murder. And without Tami's body--how could they be sure she was really dead?

Twenty-four hours after Tami Reay's failure to call her mom, the hills around Pierre, S. Agent Di Benedetto: We had airplane and helicopter at our disposal.

Holly Burns: I had stopped by my mom's house before leaving for work. Tami's sisters, Holly and Raquel, and father, Don, also felt something was wrong, when they heard that Tami had not checked in. As the monotonous miles rolled by, memories of his little girl's life played over and over in Don's mind. You'd think, you know, just let Tami come sit with us and let us just talk. But he had to be right there the entire time, the entire time, all the time. Bonnie Burns: It was just like the position he would get in when he would hover over her. Bonnie Burns: He would get up like this, and his feet would be up like this, totally up like this, his knees and everything. Raquel Burns: The last time we saw her, and she was here for Christmas, we were driving to Riverton.

And the minute I walked in the door, my mom said, "I can't get hold of Tami". Holly Burns: You know, she didn't call that was so unusual--that something was not right. Don Burns: When she was in high school, she'd always pick out, you know, the kids that other kids would pick on. Now Tami was all her parents and sisters could think about now. And he'd scoot over like this, I mean, there was no sitting next to Tami. And she was telling me how she, you know, this Brian guy had just--he was a good friend. Without him-- police might not even have started looking for Tami until she'd been missing for 48 hours. In fact, what Brian Clark had to say to police that morning made it clear that Tami's troubled marriage was far more complicated than she'd let on to her family over Christmas.

" Because the family had never been close with Tami's husband, Brad, they didn't even consider calling him. "Weird" doesn't begin to describe what Don Burns was thinking as he drove toward Pierre. The detective told Brad his wife hadn't shown up for work, and asked Brad when he'd last seen her. Dejabet: He explains to us that he got off work at around 10 p.m. Brad told the detective that later on, he heard his wife pull up, and saw her get out of her Durango and get into another and leave. The encounter places Brad Reay in his wife's Durango at in the morning.

But then Bonnie remembered something Tami had told her over Christmas. Bonnie Burns: She told me that--that he was a manager. Bonnie Burns: I told him who I was and I said, "Have you seen Tami? Later that evening, lawmen in Lander dropped by with alarming news for Tami's family. Hours spent filling the vacant miles with thoughts of his daughter always brought Don back to the basic questions. Once he got it started again, Brad says he drove home and parked in the garage. And with that, scenes from a disintegrating marriage emerged.

Raquel Burns: I said "Haylee, we can't find your mom. ” And she said, "Well, the last time I saw was last night." She said, "Her purse and her cell phone are on the counter." Feeling helpless, Bonnie and Raquel again turned to Brian. Josh Mankiewicz: Suggesting what, that somebody tried to clean the car... Suddenly, the detective's missing persons case had all the hallmarks of a homicide. An innocent man would have looked at me and said, "Listen, Agent Di Benedetto, you need to find my wife. You guys are talking to the wrong guy." Brad never once tried to even enlist our help in finding his wife.

Mark Swenson, neighbor: It's kinda like a death in your own family. We Don't even lock our doors in our cars or our houses. As for Tami's husband, Brad, who'd been charged with her murder, he insisted that the police were making a big mistake. He had no criminal record of any kind and there was no hint that he'd ever raised his hand in anger. And it certainly looked like a husband acting in rage and went overboard. Todd Love: He had what we believe was a solid alibi. They had been to one of the local basketball games.

Brad Reay: All this evidence points at me but I'm hoping there's... In fact, Brad was so meek he told police he wasn't even curious about the man his wife had been having an affair with. Josh Mankiewicz: So he'd been seen by other people. That seemed to eliminate Brian as a suspect - at least for the moment. Dejabet: The letters were supposed to be from a cousin of Brian Clark, the boyfriend - basically stating that his cousin Brian came to him and said that - basically admitted murdering his girlfriend.

Don Burns: We probably was probably 50 miles from Pierre and they called on the cell phone and told us that they had found her body.

And so we kicked it into a little higher speed to get there.

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Agent Di Benedetto: Hunting season had just ended in January, nobody would have come back out till the following October.

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