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I really enjoyed playing it because I could be a bit mad and a bit strange.’ But a fan in the audience also asked Piper if she’d be interested a spin-off featuring Rose and the Meta-Crisis (aka notreallythedoctorgivemetherealdoctor) 10th Doctor.

Almeida katrina87 Siriusly Potter protectthecats stoptheqtip One Winged Angel karma killer chrissy1302 Luv British electricpeppers AAVaria Kervy QT16 Spy Syd only dreaming chughes .: Crzychick:. "Ooh dear," teases David, "might they have to take back your award? If we want to be silent in between takes, we can be, and we don't worry about the other person thinking we're a bit boring. I just find it funny." David, the tenth actor to play the Doctor, calls Billie "Carlos Carlos". Especially when with David (Tennant)." Billie tells him: "You're more emotional. " .giggles at a shot of Tennant standing with thighs manfully thrust apart: "Check it out! [...] There's no doubt that these two get on like a house on fire. [...] Q: "Was it fun being snogged by Billie Piper? I've been on the receiving end of her eyelid-fluttering. " Billie: ‘I see him quite a lot, we are really good mates. No, he buys me his CDs, you know the ones that he likes, and I've always been... I go with it, and then I don't." "Please ask Billie what it's like to kiss David Tennant.

So I'm very very pleased that she's doing the whole series. I really think she is a brilliant actress, too: in every take she's got something new, she makes it look effortless.' The chemistry between them is just as strong on screen as off. But I'll choose David, which should please him." [On returning to Doctor Who] I don't think it will happen any time soon but the door is slightly ajar," Billie told Parkinson. You know the thing is, I'm always quite full on when I kiss him as Rose, cause she has this, you know, desperate love for him. And less about what he's doing *laughs*" "Has there ever been a tongue slip? Never with the tongue...." "Does that disappoint you?

We can't be in the same room." - David Tennant is lyrical about his co-star and clearly enjoys the dynamic of the characters' relationship: 'She's just perfect,' he says, 'she was so welcoming and easy to work with, and I was nervous about that, because it's nine months and a lot of stuff to do together and that relationship has really got to work, just from a getting-through-the-day point of view, never mind the acting side. " "I'm in touch with him, but not nearly as much as I'd like to be because we're both so busy. He's kind, sensitive and has a wonderful sense of humour." "Who's been you fave on screen kiss? It's so unfair to pick one guy because people like James Nesbitt who I kissed in the Canterbury Tales, are great kissers too.

Plus chat and performance from the mesmerising Alicia Keys.

Finally the confirmation Whovians have been waiting for.

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And that’s what Steven Moffat wanted, he brought something very different.” She adds: “It’s good to watch it and wish that they could somehow connect in the way they used to instead of being totally satisfied. ” Speaking of people returning to the show, Suranne Jones, aka Idris, aka The TARDIS, was recently asked if she’d be interested, to which she answered “of course.” Doctor Who TV writes: Speaking to Toby Hadoke on his Big Finish podcast [via], she said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if Peter Capaldi walked into one of his rooms in the TARDIS and found Idris’ body there, plugged her in and had a little adventure with her?

"Neither of us can remember what it was we found so funny, but we giggled for a straight nine months." "It was like coming back to school and your best friend's not there anymore, your best friend moved to Manchester or something...

"David and I didn't just get on because we were thrown together - we were proper mates," she says.

"Did you have a crush on David Tennant when you made Doctor Who? " "Are you still in touch with David, and whats he like in real life? I'm gonna have to go and listen to that interview again now David: "...before I was on the show she was a huge reason of why it worked." - I know what he means, but it still makes me laugh everytime I hear/read it Love the new title I'm looking forward to David's video diaries SO much, I mean...

Not that she moved to Manchester, but you know what I mean! I'm still in touch with Billie and I see her all the time, so I don't miss her too much in that form." - David about Billie's departure. Mind you I heard he went for dinner with Kylie recently, so I've blown my chances. They went out because they're working together and I'm very settled with my boyfreind thank you very much! I'm gonna have to go and listen to that interview again now David: "...before I was on the show she was a huge reason of why it worked." - I know what he means, but it still makes me laugh everytime I hear/read it Love the new title New quotes!

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