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/dev/sdc is the name that my system assigned to the SD card, it will be different on your system.

Alternatively, you can create parted or a similar program to create a two partitions on the card labeled "boot" and "Angstrom" and formated as FT32 and ext4 respectively. Download this file, uncompress it and copy the contained files to the boot partition in your SD card. Put the SD card on the Beagle Board, turn the BB on and make some noise :) If your computer does not have a serial port, you need an RS232 to USB cable. If you're on Mac OS, you need to get drivers from Leopard) or

But not a song where the person really has feelings and is truly an emotional wreck over heartbreak like an Elliot Smith song, more like a song that is written for the broadest commercial appeal possible without having any actual substance or anything of value to offer to the world, like a Fall Out Boy song, and Nick is going down swinging. If Nick had planned this trip while there was an outbreak of malaria during a hurricane and everyone got norovirus while there was a toilet paper shortage it would have gone better than it did.

First, a quick rekrap: Since Nick’s last trip to paradise was such a success, he decided to go on and see if lightning would strike twice as him and the 10? This was the most terror inducing episode of the season.

Everyone hated it especially Vanessa who came dangerously close to self-awareness and exclaimed that she was sick of the games and didn’t know what she was doing being there.

For his part, Nick decided to sulk near the ocean and hope that things would get better. During the evening all the girls expressed how much they didn’t like the date and Nick failed to hide, or effectively deal with, his disappointment and his overall message to the women was – if you don’t like it leave. She expressed what scores of viewers and Sean’s and Josh’s have and said that Nick made her want to choke him.

If the physical connection is okay, the BB should show up on your system as /dev/tty.

First, connect a USB cable between your computer and the BB.

Then, using the serial terminal, log in to the linux shell in the BB (root user, empty password) and create the /etc/init.d/local_network file with the following content: Everything is set up on the BB side, now you need to set-up your computer to do packet forwarding or share your internet connection with the BB connected on the USB port.

You should see something similar to the following in minicom: First, follow steps 1, and 2 of part 2 of this article.

Then, download the boot files from and copy them to the boot partition of the SD card as explained in step 3 of part 2.

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