Dating without going broke lara spencer and pat obrien dating

You can get away with that when you’re Mark Zuckerberg. And how do you make sure that your clothes look their best?

Well, I’m glad you asked, convenient rhetorical device…

One of the keys to maximizing your wardrobe without going broke is understanding where you’re going to get the most for your investment.

If, say, you have 0 set aside for a new suit, consider putting 0 aside for tailoring and alterations.

Remember: a cheap but well-fitting outfit is going to make you look better than the most expensive, boxy suit and tie.

Unlike your jeans or your button-downs, shoes have the most direct cost/quality ratio.

Most men tend to cheap out on shoes and it shows – cheap leather that wrinkles and fades, shoddy stitching, soles that fall apart if you look at them cross-eyed. A good pair, on the other hand, are an First and foremost are their versatility.

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