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He told stories about his early career as a truck driver and union activist, working on the docks of New York.One day, after a milk delivery man declined to follow union rules, an irate Sullivan decided to send a message. Sullivan earned dark renown as the last person to see a labor lawyer named Abraham Bauman before he disappeared off the streets of New York in 1966.

He said he considered both Trump and Sullivan to be “professional friends.” *** For this account, The Post examined thousands of pages of legal documents from the National Archives, casino regulatory reports obtained through open-records laws, news articles and books, along with previously undisclosed FBI records obtained and shared by journalist William Bastone, co-founder of the Smoking Gun website.

He was intent on making a name for himself as a developer in Manhattan.

One of the challenges facing him was the mob’s stranglehold on the city’s construction unions. A longtime union member and activist, Sullivan represented three different contractors at the Hyatt.

The hotel project was a partnership between Trump and the Hyatt Corporation.

Trump, then 33, was a brash, wealthy scion of a family real estate empire based in New York’s outer boroughs.

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