Dating while genderqueer

I present myself pretty androgynously but I look like a woman, no matter how I dress or carry myself. Clustergazelle, have you considered using a strapon?

__________________ My heterosexuality is a lie; there is only passion. I know a few trans AMAB people who feel comfortable penetrating with an object that isn't their actual body, and it feels more queer to them. And there are more things you can do with women/vagina-havers that doesn't have to involve penetration.

Not really got much more to add than that but rest assured the person that you should be with will respect whatever you feel and are. There are tons of people who are open to this kind of thing and another few that don't label themselves as such but find out to have no problem when in that situation.

Sitting down and talking with them about it obviously takes some courage but there are plenty of other people who have to discuss certain things before starting a relationship so you're definitely not weirding others out when doing that.

First how do I see myself and how do I want others to see me?

Being a top and the one inserting, regardless of my partners sex/gender make up, freaks me out and I want no part of it.

I'm interested in women but do I want to be seen as a masculine woman?

Or is it necessary for me to feel even more in the middle.

This is all the only reason I'm still considering having SRS.

Maybe I need to to be able to be intimate with anyone?

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The lesbian community is (in my experience and depending who you are talking to) pretty open about this stuff in shouldn't worry too much.i do know what your talking about Jedi.

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