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Just curious, what timeline is typical in your dating experience (what happens at what date)? If we haven't become exclusive AND had sex by around 2 months (at this point), that's weird. Usually I sit around for a good long while celibate and miserable about it, then after a period of time (from months to years) someone will catch my eye and I'll go for it. After that I'll pretty much let the relationship take its course for a year or so; by the second year I'd expect that the relationship was heading towards commitment. I'd say, generally, if a guy hasn't kissed me by the 3rd date, that's weird. I want exclusivity and bf/gf status before I'm willing to have sex or make out; if we haven't had the exclusivity talk within a couple of months I'll start to lose interest and will look elsewhere for someone who's willing to offer exclusivity.If there was no commitment by the two year mark I'd begin to get restless, and I'd probably have checked out of the relationship within the next six months.In my early twenties I had a three year relationship which was stable and nice, but it didn't appear to be going anywhere so I dumped him just before the third anniversary (he only just married his new gf at age 33! I subsequently had a relationship which lasted just over two years; we lived in the same house-share and I moved out before the two year mark because I was losing interest due to lack of commitment, and after several more weeks of indecision I finally dumped him (he's been with his new gf for four years and still hasn't married her! Another relationship suffered a similar fate; the guy in question made it very clear that he wasn't interested in marriage, so I ended the relationship just after the two year mark (he's now mid-thirties and still unmarried). After a year, it has to already naturally be REALLY serious (like I could see myself marrying the guy, and he coud see the same, within another year or so), or I'm out. BF/GF talk ~6-8th date If slower, I feel there is a problem in the relationship. Other than that, I pretty much let it flow for about a year.

I'd say, generally, if a guy hasn't kissed me by the 3rd date, that's weird.

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Men, on the other hand, are more like taxis - at a certain point in their lives their "Available" light goes on, and the next suitable girl gets the ring.

I find it interesting that a guy wouldn't propose to a girl unless he was financially stable - whatever happened to marrying for love? BF/GF talk ~ about 2.5 months after we started dating.

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