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Then Solomon orders the demon Ornias to take the ring and similarly imprint the prince of demons, Beelzebul.

With Beelzebul under his command, Solomon now has all of the demons at his bidding to build the temple.

If the Testament of Solomon is not late, as early scholars claimed, then it belongs in the Pseudepigrapha.

12) that the original Jewish work is to be identified with the Solomonic incantations cited by Josephus near the end of the first century A. Solomon succeeds in building the Temple only to fall into idolatry through lust for a Shunammite girl.

The Bible says that King Shishak invaded Israel in the fifth year of the reign of Solomon's son, Rehoboam.

Josephus does not appear to be referring to a particular text but to the numerous liquid traditions about Solomon's control over demons. 38-43) argued that the original language is Greek (so also Preisendanz, col. He suggested that the provenance, in ascending order of probability, is Galilean, Egyptian, or Asian; the section containing the list of decani, however, is Egyptian (p. The pseudepigraphon is either a Jewish composition which was eventually reworked by a Christian (so Conybeare, pp. The pseudepigraphon recounts how Solomon is able to build the Temple by defeating demons and employing their skills by means of a ring and its seal given to him by the Archangel Michael. It was written in the Greek language, some time in the early 1st millennium CE.It describes how Solomon was enabled to build his temple by commanding demons by means of a magical ring that was entrusted to him by the archangel Michael.The real author or authors of the text remain unknown.The text was originally written in Greek and contains numerous theological and magical themes ranging from Christianity and Judaism to Greek mythology and astrology that possibly hint at a Christian writer with a Greek background.

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