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They also hold the names of organisations who should receive such information when it is detected.

Direction Finding (DF) - The process of determining the azimuth of an emitter by the use of a direction finder.

Messages sent on the system are called CRITICs.* Cryptologic Center - Regional centers of the NSA with delegated SIGINT authority.

Emphatic Access Restriction (EAR) - A technical safeguard which is the equivalent of a firewall that prevents any automated process or subroutine from accessing Business Record (BR) FISA data.

BND can also get technical assistance here for the systems they got from US manufacturers.* Events - Another word which NSA and GCHQ use for metadata.* Exploitation - The process of obtaining intelligence information from any source and taking advantage of it for intelligence purposes FAA Authority - Collection under a certification that has been approved by the FISA Court.

Allows collecting data inside the US about non-US persons who are reasonably believed to be outside the US.

Cuts - Extracts of conversations collected by NSA Deep Dive - A type of XKEYSCORE collection which enables sessionisation at data rates of 10 gigabit a second.* Development - Finding new things, like new targets (Target Development) and new collection methods (SIGINT Development).

Dictionary computers - These are holding full lists of general and specific intelligence targets and operate the filter systems.

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