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But I was diagnosed way back when stones were crashing and Diana was cupping chins and holding hands.We were told then, absolutely told, that we must tell any future partners that we had this toxic virus, that to not do so would be tantamount to an act of violence.As a trans woman who has had surgery I don't want to buy into the 'please let my vagina pass the pussy test.' My vagina is different, it has limitations and its own wonderful sculptural qualities.I want to celebrate those rather than hoping that 'wham bam thank you mam' takes place without acknowledging its inherent beauty and narrative.But beyond that confession as a trans woman and as a woman you have to be aware of your safety and not telling someone and them finding out after in anger isn't something I want to risk.I once joined a dating site and met a person who it seemed, in a casual way, I clicked with.

I read something recently that said people can become ill by the absence of skin to skin contact.

People often tell me to let the person get to know me, but what if I just want fun and sex? It's strange how ironically being HIV and trans has meant that I have to seek meaningful connections of intimacy based on them really knowing me.

In some way I feel like I have to prove (using the 'let them get to know you model') that I am worthy of love and sex despite my being a trans HIV positive woman, when, in my mind, I am worthy of love, lust and desire precisely because of my journey.

I can rationally see the harm and spite that those demands did but I lived with it, through it, and it has become as much a part of me as the drugs I take to keep me well.

So I'm burdened with honesty by truisms of history.

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