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It would have taken time to get that done and the city was in a rush to get them on the streets for riot duty.

I was appointed in 6/1966 and within 3-4 days after being sworn in, we were given a class on procedures and sent to the range to 'qualify' and had to get Blue uniforms right off of the rack and told to put the gray Probationary uniforms away and then put out in the streets of Brooklyn or the Bronx for Riot Control..

Just went back an looked at the gun again, it is 1 3/4" the 085XX # is on the crane, the # on the bottom of the back strap is D1056XX Which is the serial number?

The number on the crane is also on the frame, under the grips' bottom edge.

Judging by the hammer, the grips style and the single-line imprint on the right side, my guess would be pre-World War II.

I handled a model 10-10 yesterday and I'm thinkin about buying it. The grips are pretty dinged up, but thats easily remedied.

The finish is about 70% to 80%, with holster wear in all the normal places. I was wondering if anyone could tell me when it was made and if 0 OTD is a good price. Thanx Jim I can not tell the date of birth of this S&W.

Yes, we bought everything that was required to wear from the ' NYPD Equiptment Store', located in 400 Broome St, NYC.

The Smith and Wesson Forum may be able to assist you as well.

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