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Mommy bloggers reside in a very special corner of the Internet.Comprised of many stay-at-home moms, this blog genre focuses on product reviews, personal narratives, DIY tips and life-hacks to make daily life easier.I had never thought about connections with donor siblings or donor families. So, I figured we’d deal with the possibility of connecting with the donor if and when my child was ready or wanting. Continue reading I have been asked this a handful of times. The unknown, which surprisingly for someone like me who needs to feel in control, isn’t scary at all to me – it’s the kind of unknown that is like a spark, an excitement, an anticipation of getting to know him. Meeting him, seeing who he is and how our world will be. That’s the thing about me – this shameless, undeterred, sometimes naive optimism that has carried me through the last 40 years and unchanged by disappointments and devastations, heartbreaks …I had decided that I would tell my child about their conception from the start – no secrets. The immediate things that come to mind are the little flutters, especially when I first started feeling them. Continue reading“When I grow up I want to have a baby on my own by anonymous sperm donor” was not what I was thinking as a little girl.Melanie is the self-proclaimed "health and fitness enthusiast" behind is another network of high-quality mommy bloggers.The site provides ample links to different blogs, as well as a discussion board called "TMB Lounge" where moms can promote their blogs, tell funny family stories or trade dieting secrets.Mommy has an ugly uterus (so ugly that my OB took a lovely photo, suitable for framing, since she had never seen one When I started my journey to become a Single Mother by Choice (SMC), using donor sperm from a bank, I thought I had thought through all possible scenarios.

It makes me happy to think about…like 12 seconds and then my mind wanders right on over to my viability in my profession, if I should welcome …Dinah is an active pinner on Pinterest, too, with just under 3,000 followers.Her blog has received recognition from prominent mommy blogging networks, such as Top Mommy Blogs, .While the blog does offer useful product reviews, recipes and safety tips, its core strength is Marcie's inspirational personal accomplishments.Sharon Hodge left her job in the education field to raise her two daughters.

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I imagined that one day, he or she might ask questions about the donor and I would answer. Like most girls my age I dreamt of meeting someone, falling in love and having a family.

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