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Our goal is to match all travel lovers who wish to share the sites of the world with someone special. Hong Kong’s highest-earning celebrity models are said to charge HK0,000 for a catwalk show, which may only last for seven minutes.When you’re on a vacation with a possible […] [ read more Whether you’re travelling on a date, with a partner, or looking for adventure, there are few cities in the world with more romantic potential than New York.Packed with things to do for all tastes, it’s a great city to discover together or to meet someone new.For appearing at an event, models receive upwards of HK,000, with A-list girls commanding far more – this for a job that requires little more than smiling at the cameras and perhaps a brief Q&A with the press.Top fashion editorial rates currently reach HK,000 for a half-day shoot, and for commercial jobs, well the sky is indeed the limit for the brightest stars with the savviest and most aggressive bookers.One model commented that she would be considered a “midget” in Europe.Rising star Angelababy, who is praised for her versatility in straddling the worlds of high fashion and mass market, has managed to trump fears about her lack of inches (she is the smallest girl on our list at five-foot six).

A few dates spaced out throughout the entirety of a month is the standard form of dating, but far from the best.The more drama you create, the more you work – as long as the news generated isn't negative or too scandalous.According to insiders, Lynn Xiong’s management was able to increase her rate substantially when rumours hit the press of her relationship with Aaron Kwok.There are drawbacks to being a top and extremely well paid model in Hong Kong, though.Compared with the West, models are treated with less respect.

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