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A second source added, "Every time Kourtney and Justin are together they’re extremely flirtatious.Scott and Lina certainly had people buzzing on Thursday after what appeared to be a public display of affection in front of the popular celebrity hangout.

But then TMZ added on Sunday that they did not lunch together - he was with friends instead - and they only met up outside the hotel to say goodbye after she walked up to his table inside. TMZ did not give a hint who their source was but made it seem as if the person was very close to Scott.Scott Disick is adamant -- the woman telling friends and others the two have been dating is full of it -- in fact he says he barely knows her.We're told Scott is furious that Lina Sandberg is determined to make it appear they've hooked up.RELATED: Scott Disick Posts a Picture of His "Dream Girl" on Instagram — and You'll Be Shocked When You See Who It Is!On a recent episode of , the notorious party boy admitted he made plenty of mistakes while they were together.

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