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The concertinas are designed and built according to the historical English instruments. The instruments are tuned to the Standard International Concert Pitch A = 440 Hz. One of the most difficult things for me is to describe the tone of a concertina and the difference in tone between the models and materials used.

Every reed is mounted in a single brass frame and finally tuned by hand.

Click on any contributor's name to see a directory of items contributed.Its later concentration in Clare was not a result of how it arrived, but of local cultural and economic factors that aided its barest survival there while it was completely dropped—and all but forgotten—elsewhere in the country.Present-day players of the ‘English’ concertina must make a number of important decisions when delving into and performing the large repertory of art music that was written for the instrument in Victorian England.It is a fact that metal ends sound harsher, they have more overtones and are louder. With solid wood there is the risk that it might crack, but up to now I haven't heard of someone having problems with that.The harder the wood the higher the potential risk of cracking. I think it is mainly a matter of personal taste though if a player prefers metal or wooden ends.

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