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There's cocktails bars, but they feel more suited for a date.When your friends live in different boroughs and there's inclement weather, it's definitely hard to get a group of friends out.Taxis are also prolific and pretty affordable so no need to resort to Uber or Lyft as often.When I lived in San Francisco and moved out of the Mission, I was at the mercy of the Muni bus system, which was hell on earth.

Prior to that, I spent the past two and a half years in San Francisco (from when I was 22 to 24).

If you like the idea of diversity, you can't beat New York. Not to say that there aren't issues (Stop and Frisk), but we don't have the serious class tension currently present in San Francisco today (things had not reached a boiling point yet when I lived there).

New York has so many neighborhoods that still (despite gentrification) reflect charming characteristics of the various groups that immigrated there.

I paid over ,000 a month for a one room studio (no enclosed kitchen), one tiny closet, and an even tinier bathroom in which you have one square foot to stand in. So, despite what many believe, it is feasible to live alone in New York at age 25 if roommates aren't your jam.

I just moved to Williamsburg and am paying the same amount as before but I have more space, a separate kitchen, walk-in closet, and in a new building with crazy amenities (like an indoor basketball court, wut! Similar to San Francisco, the further out you go, the more bang you get for your buck, at the sacrifice of commute and nightlife.

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