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Millar's photograph bears an old pencil inscription that reads: ""Even without the slightly misspelled notation the fact that the image depicts a very senior NCO of the Black Watch who is wearing the Distinguished Conduct Medal, a four clasped Queen's South Africa Medal, the King's South Africa Medal and the Long Service & Good Conduct medal his true identity would probably been uncovered without too many difficulties.

William Henry Wherry was born around 1841 at Newross, Wexford, Ireland.

To date nothing has been found relating to his parentage.

At the time of his attestation on 19 August, 1858 his trade was given as blacksmith so one might assume that this was a family calling.

Both the larger speckled gray paper backing and the smaller round beige accent piece just behind the image are high quality art paper.

The work is hand signed by Russian born but London based photographer Louis Saul Langfier.

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Both items were found mounted together on analbum page. Forty-five years old at the time, Roycroft wrote a series of letters home to hisfriend in London, Lachlan "Forky" Forbes and described the conditions in Afghanistan that he and his men delt with - both due to the adverse climate as wellas the actions of the native Afghanis. After the end of the war Rowcroft retuned to India and assumed command of the44th Sylhet Native Infantry but soon returned England and his home at Brightonpossibly due to illness since he dies not long afterward in 1883the 7th (Duke of Connaught's Own) Rajput Bengal Infantry from sometime after 1900.

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