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Instead, I believe that it is preferable for the first date to be something inexpensive like a coffee together, so that the man is not burdened by the cost when the relationship has a high probably of not working out; and so that you don’t feel any obligation to him at the end of the night.

Then, if and when you decide that there is mutual interest to keep seeing each other, there needs to be a bit more 50-50 sharing of the costs as you start doing more expensive things. Does he like spending time with you and talking, or does he only really show interest in “getting physical”?

What time they do spend will probably be focused on them and exactly what they want.

Having said all this though, I do not think you should expect a guy to wine and dine you – especially not from day one.

Those who are not interested in you long-term will want to keep you at an arm’s length so that you can’t hurt them when they end the relationship. Does he talk as though the two of you have a future together?

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When a guy talks about events in the future like Christmas, summer vacations, buying a house etc, this is a clear sign that he sees a future with you for at least the length of time involved and maybe a lot longer. After you have been together for a week or two, has he introduced you to his friends yet?

If he has not introduced you to his friends after the two of you have been together for a week or two, this would indicate that he either doesn’t have any friends, is a very busy person, or more likely that he doesn’t see you as a long-term relationship girl. After a month or two of your being together has he introduced you to his family and expressed any interest in meeting yours?

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