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As weddings have grown more expensive, it’s not surprising that more couples are opting to get married on a Friday or Sunday rather than the high-priced Saturday night.But there’s a reason Saturday is the most popular day for weddings to take place — with Friday weddings, your guests either need to take the day off work, leave work early, or skip your ceremony altogether and just attend the reception.If they do not have a wedding webpage, try asking a family member or close friend of the bride or groom. It used to be common for guests to bring gifts to the wedding, but now with the popularity of online shopping this is no longer the case.

It is important to know that gifts are a major part of the Chinese culture.Now, we’re not saying you need to hire a calligrapher, but it adds such a personal touch to handwrite the addresses.Perhaps ask a friend or relative with nice handwriting to help out.If I am traveling to a wedding, will my travel expenses lower the gifting expectations?You should still give the couple a gift, but since you are paying for flights and accommodation it can be more thoughtful and less extravagant.

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