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Think of the abstract images that might emerge by using a blowtorch on the Mona Lisa!

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Bill & I have done what we can; we leave little notes in pieces that say "Please stop turning EAPG purple!

"; try to reason with the sellers that there is a finite amount of this antique glass available & suggest they just carry a line of purple glass & tell customers it used to be clear, etc (that would be no more deceptive & a lot less destructive).

It is the widespread practice, in the southwestern United States, of exposing EAPG to a germicidal black light for a few weeks or directly to the sun for an extended period of time thus turning the glass artificially purple.

The merchandising MO is to buy old glass, do the exposure thing, take the pieces that turn a pukey light purple (some flint won't turn), hike up the price, write a little purple flyer with a charming story about how the sun, over the past hundred years has reacted with a chemical, "magnesium" (sic), in the glass and created this glorious purple antique.

Founded in 1887 in Fostoria, Ohio, they moved to Moundsville, West Virginia, in 1892.

If they set glass out and it turned purple, it proved to them and to their customers that the glass was, indeed, made prior to ca.

1915 when most, but not all, glass companies ceased using manganese and substituted selenium as the clearing agent.

Jerry Greenblatt has well put the dastardly practice in perspective: "People who change the color of glass objects must have had no regard for them, since they are no longer what they were.

Making them purple is like painting them gold or adding attractive cracks.

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