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This will not always be easy, and puts extra pressure on him, especially if he is not used to learning.

And if the stress is ongoing, which it usually is, then the discomfort and unhappiness he feels builds. When they feel under stress, or cornered, they become angry.

This is by no means condoning it, just that by understanding you can help to avoid these situations.

Dominican men will become like a cat, cornered by a dog and hiss and spit. Don’t play the blame game Long distance relationships are never easy, but what makes them bearable is the anticipation of what it will be like when you are together.

I also have lots of emails from ladies who are in relationships with Dominican men and having problems, and also from those who have taken their Dominican husband to live with them overseas who are also experiencing some issues.

There is a major cultural difference between Dominicans and people from more developed countries and it is that difference that we women fall for.

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They may feel uncomfortable and nervous and under pressure to achieve.

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